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ABBA VOYAGE tickets: Five more months of tickets released | Music | Entertainment

It’s been over forty years since we saw ABBA on stage at Wembley in 1979. Now the dreams of millions of fans are coming true as the new ABBA Voyage show opens to the public in East London tomorrow night, after a spectacular premiere tonight. Anticipation and demand are both sky-high, but another five months of tickets have just been released, making sure nobody will miss out. We have everything you need to know about booking tickets and where to sit (or stand and boogie) below.

ABBA Voyage tickets will be available on Ticketmaster here.

Over the years, the band notoriously turned down enormous offers of millions to reform on stage and now that they are all in their seventies, few expected it to ever happen.

The band has found an ingenious way of getting around this by creating state-of-the-art digital avatars, already commonly known as ABBAtars, with technology wizards ILM. All four members were filmed performing across five weeks and then recreated in their youthful 1979 forms.

Björn Ulvaeus said: “What I like is the fact that not only are we pushing boundaries in the digital world, but we’re trying to integrate the physical and the digital world, in a way that is immersive. You’re in an arena with 3,000 other people, human beings, flesh and blood. And nothing beats that…”

He added: “I think one of the most important things about this was to have an emotional connection between the ABBAtars and the audience and we’ve seen that a couple of times now during previews, but it really works.”

Where are the best seats at the ABBA Voyage concerts?

The main floor area is general admission for standing tickets only, meaning fans can move around and dance. Obviously, early arrivals can get a place right at the front. 

The reserved seating wraps around the floor area and the two closest sections are A and E on either side. (See floor plan below). However, the top price seat are situated in section H, directly opposite the stage.

Will ABBA perform live on stage? What songs will they sing?

The new concerts will feature digital recreations of the four band members Benny, Bjorn, Agnetha and Frida who will perform to the classic vocals of their greatest hits.

However, the show will also include the new vocals for the first two songs recorded for the recent ABBA Voyage album,  I Still Have Faith In You and Don’t Shut Me Down. Benny and Bjorn explained that these are the only new songs that will be included because the other tracks had not been recorded when the ABBAtars were being created.

ABBA Voyage tickets will be available on Ticketmaster here.

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