Published On: Sun, May 15th, 2022

Amanda Holden style: ‘Most flattering’ colours for mature women to look fashionable

Amanda is a huge fan of bright heels, but they weren’t her first choice. 

“I used to be a fan of wearing nude heels with loads of stuff, all the time and then I got really bored of that,” she admitted. 

When choosing what to wear, Amanda has some advice.

“I start with the shoe up, I have a shocking pink shoe and a green shoe [to name a few],” she explained. 

“And I think if you’re going to be bold or if you’ve got a wedding or something like that this year and it’s a one off and we’ve all come out of lockdown, I think start with the shoes and go for something that you’ve never normally would go. 

“All shoes look fantastic under jeans, no matter what you’re wearing on top and flashing bright colours is massively fashionable. 

“You might not think to wear like a pink shoe or a leopard print shoe with denim but it would look just fantastic. 

“Be bold with your shoes this season!” Amanda concluded. 

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