Published On: Tue, Mar 3rd, 2020

Best book clubs 2020: The 7 book clubs to consider joining this year | Books | Entertainment

Every year there are a huge number of book clubs launching all over the world. Some are led by big celebrities, while others are tied to magazines, non-fiction and online clubs. Here are our pick of the top seven clubs, as well as some honourable mentions.

Richard and Judy’s book club

Richard and Judy are two of the best-loved TV presenters in the UK, and their book club has been around for decades.

Fans know they have a winner in their hand when they step into WH Smith and find the crucial stamp of Richard and Judy’s approval, and it has become a shorthand for a good read.

This season they have six books on the go, and getting involved is as easy as buying the book, then visiting their website to share your thoughts, and find out theirs.

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Our Shared Shelf

Emma Watson, known to many as Hermione Granger in Harry Potter, began a trend of leaving books around the tube, subway and other public spaces.

It continued and became a huge book club, however, at the beginning of 2020 Watson announced their goodreads board would remain open but “unmoderated,” meaning users can now share their own books and reviews.

However, Watson makes sporadic recommendations through Instagram, using the hashtag #oursharedshelf, so fans can still get involved by keeping their eyes peeled on her Instagram page.

Between Two Books

Between Two Books is run by band Florence + The Machine.

Florence Welch is the main leader, with some other guests such as Nick Cave and Greta Gerwig, who suggest recommendations which have been as wide as The Great Gatsby to Heartburn.

The book club is currently on a short break after running for seven years, but promises to be back “in a few months.”

Zoella book club

Zoella, the YouTube who turned into a global phenomenon, also started up a book club, with the latest novel to be recommended Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid.

The book club has mainly featured female writers such as Michelle Obama and Margaret Atwood, but varies the genres included in the listings.

To join fans need only to follow Zoella on Instagram, where the book club link is available.

Juliet’s Library

A London-based influencer, Juliet Trickey releases a season-ly reading list via her website, Juliet’s Library.

Previously, her book club saw her recommend books each month, but now fans can see the whole list of her recommendations – with mostly female authors included – with each season.

To follow along, fans can sign up for updates from Juliet and comment on her Instagram posts – and even download her Spring Reading checklist to tick off the books once they have been read.

Honourable mentions

For those who love celebrity-led book clubs, actress Reese Witherspoon’s Reese’s Book Club focuses on women at the centre of their recommendations.

However, for the men who want some good selections as well, The Book of Man also has a book club, to help up the, according to the club, declining number of men reading.

Finally, some subscription services for book clubs exist, such as the Willoughby Book Club, which sends bundles to subscribers which will suit children, couples, non-fiction and fiction lovers, and even topic-specific selections.

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