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Camilla Parker Bowles imitates Princess Diana’s pearl and sapphire jewellery – pictures

was a royal fashion icon, who accessorised her fabulous outfits with often breathtaking jewels. According to Maxwell Stone, creative director of Steven Stone, the Princess influenced one royal in particular – . He spoke exclusively to about how the Duchess of Cornwall wears Diana-style jewels.

Maxwell exclusively told “Princess Diana wore jewellery in a unique way, knowing exactly how to make each piece stand out.

“From remodelling brooches into necklaces to wearing chokers as headbands, she set some huge trends and showcased her jewels in a unique way.”

Therefore, it is “no surprise that others would want to emulate her style”, including one very famous royal, the Princess’ love rival at one point, Camilla Parker Bowles.

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Diana was spotted on several occasions wearing glamorous strings of pearls, and years later in much the same way, Camilla is donning the same accessory.

It “goes without saying that Diana was a huge fan of pearls”, according to experts at Steven Stone, with one of her most eye-catching pieces being the dazzling 11-strand pearl choker that she wore during her visit to Chicago on June 5, 1996.

Consisting of 900 pearls held together by diamonds and rubies, Maxwell valued it at an enormous £200,000.

“Diana didn’t just set a popular trend with the public, but amongst other royals too as Camilla has also been seen to express a love of pearls – one of her stand out pieces is a five-strand pearl necklace.”


Reportedly bought at an auction in 2000, Prince Charles’ pearly gift to Camilla was worth £160,000, boasting an 80-100ct pink topaz stone at the centre.

Another of Diana’s most glorious pearl pieces was her sapphire and pearl choker necklace, which she wore in 1985 at the White House.

Pictured dancing with legend John Travolta, she shimmered in the grand accessory and classic royal blue dress.

Speaking about the pearl necklace, Maxwell said: “The stone is roughly 70 carats, which is over five times the size of the stone in Diana’s stunning engagement ring.”

Princess Diana also opted to wear this accessory at the Vanity Fair party on November 20, 1994.

She looked astonishing in this bold accessory, which she wore with a black Christina Stambolian piece – which later became known as the Revenge Dress.

But it wasn’t just Diana who took a fancy to this accessory, and “imitating Diana’s style once more, Camilla has been spotted with a strikingly similar necklace in the same style of rows of pearl beads, clasped at the front”.

Featuring an exquisite 80-100ct aquamarine stone, it is valued at £240,000.

However, the expert suggested that nothing beats an original.

Maxwell argued: “With Diana’s legacy in mind and the size of the sapphire, the seven-strand pearl choker could now be worth up to £100,000,000.”

And Camilla is not just inspired by the late Princess’ pearl pieces, but her sapphires too.

Diana’s most “world famous” sapphire piece was her 12ct Ceylon sapphire engagement ring, which now belongs to Kate Middleton, but she was also partial to a sapphire necklace.

Princess Diana also received a £15,000,000 suite of sapphire jewels as a wedding present from Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

“Made by Asprey, the incredible suite consists of an enormous Burmese sapphire pendant hung on a diamond necklace – Camilla owns multiple sapphire necklaces, including a floral sapphire and diamond pendant that shares resemblance with this particular piece of Diana’s.

“With an estimated value of £1,250,000, Camilla’s necklace features spaced diamond brilliant diamonds, plus a large, dark blue sapphire pendant in a modern diamond floral setting.”

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