Published On: Mon, Apr 18th, 2022

Customer comes up roses after bouquet ‘value’ dispute – The Crusader | The Crusader | Finance

The bunch Annie Ellis sent was smaller and the blooms less perky looking than she had hoped when buying, a few months ago, from Hampshire-based online retailer Eflorist, a trademark of Euroflorist UK.  

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Annie told Crusader: “There were fewer flowers and substitutions than in the advertised photo. I paid £44.99 and expected better value. 

“It was awkward too as this was a ‘let’s make up’ gift after an argument.”

Annie was also unhappy with the first response she got when she complained and was told: “These flowers have been made to value.”

Crusader put this to the company and without quibble has refunded Annie. Director Paul Isaia said: “I apologise it had to get to this stage. We will also look at retraining the agent involved.”

Consumer law expert, solicitor Jo Lezemore of advice service Consumer Genie advises: “When you buy flowers online they have to be as described. If not, take pictures and ask for a refund.”

But read the terms first as many will state substitutes are allowed for ones depicted on a site. “They must however be the same quality and price as the original order,” she warns.

Be sure too who the retailer is, as many offering flowers are platforms, and therefore sometimes taking the role of a middleman or agent, with separate florists putting them together. “Check first who is ultimately responsible,” Lezemore recommends. If you don’t want buds, get a promise in writing of what percentage are bloom.”

[Annie’s name has been changed]

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