Published On: Tue, Apr 26th, 2022

Daily horoscope for April 26: Your star sign, astrology and zodiac

The Moon will spend the day in  today, aligning with Uranus in the morning – the planet that represents innovation, change, and the future. This will be the energy for the remainder of the day, so use this time wisely to work on any new ideas you might have. reveals your , reading,  and  forecast for April 26.

In astrology, the  represents our emotions, feelings and subconscious attitudes, and depending on the sign it transits in, the respective energy will set the tone of the day.

Astrology TV said: “When the Moon transits Pisces, we all get to feel some of that emotional overwhelm.

“These are the most sensitive days of the monthly cycle, but also some of the most ethereal and mysterious, almost magical at times.

“Pisces Moon energy is very psychic and spiritual, so it’s quite common for people to have spiritual experiences during a Pisces Moon, even when they don’t really ‘believe’ in that kind of thing.”

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Because emotions run so high during a Pisces Moon, aspects of your day can be tinged by emotion and you might feel slightly more sensitive than normal.

Astrology TV said: “During a Pisces Moon, there’s little point in trying to run or hide from emotions. You have to just let your feelings wash over you, knowing that after a few days, this influence will pass.”

However, Pisces is known as the most artistic sign of the zodiac – they’re often found to be lost in a dream world or putting their creative streak to good use through art or writing.

“We take a more philosophical approach to thinking and are more open to learning.

“It’s a time of optimistic thinking, new insights, and cooperation, especially as the day advances.”

Clarity will sweep over and exchanges will be more coherent, which will pave way for solutions and positive advancements.

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