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‘David Bowie isn’t who I fell in love with’ – Ziggy Stardust’s wife on blind date romance | Music | Entertainment

Today, April 24, 2022, would have been the 30th wedding anniversary of David Bowie and his second wife, Iman. Having previously divorced his first wife, Angela Barnett in 1980, Bowie married Iman in 1992 and – despite his outrageous style and fashion sense – held a very traditional wedding. Bowie wore a suit with tails and Iman, a supermodel in her own right, wore a white dress, white gloves, and tied her hair up.

But Iman has been very open with the fact that she did not fall in love with the persona of David Bowie, but something else entirely.

Iman said in 2014: “I fell in love with David Jones. I did not fall in love with David Bowie. Bowie is just a persona. He’s a singer, an entertainer.” And it didn’t take long for this love to blossom between the pair.

Bowie and Iman first met in 1990 on a blind date. He, one of the biggest rock stars on the planet; she, the stunning face of many media campaigns and fashion brands, as well as an entrepreneur.

Bowie’s longtime friend and hairdresser Teddy Antolin set the Ziggy Stardust singer up with Iman because the rocker was having a tough time. 

He said: “David was very lonely. It was so sad – all this hard work David did each day and then he was alone.”

When Bowie and Iman were set up, she had his attention immediately. Antolin recalled: “[Iman] had a big smile and her and David looked at each other and it was love at first sight, you could feel the electricity, something went off.”

The singer later revealed how intensely in love he was with Iman.

Bowie said: “My attraction to her was immediate and all-encompassing. I couldn’t sleep for the excitement of our first date.”

Their marriage was perfect. They stayed out of the press and remained private as much as they could. Bowie once reportedly said of his partnership with Iman: “You would think that a rock star being married to a supermodel would be one of the greatest things in the world… It is.”

Iman also had nothing but wonderful things to say about Bowie, the love of her life.

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Bowie said of marrying Iman: “That she would be my wife, in my head, was a done deal. I’d never gone after anything in my life with such passion in all my life. I just knew she was the one.”

Tragically, their journey together in life was cut short. Bowie died on January 10, 2016 from liver cancer.

The Let’s Dance singer’s death caught the music industry off guard, but he had been battling the illness for months.

Last year, Iman broke her silence about Bowie and how she is living without him.

Iman said: “I still feel married.” The star also added that she didn’t feel disconnected from Bowie, despite him being dead for more than five years.

She continued: “Someone a few years ago referred to David as my late husband and I said: ‘No, he’s not my late husband. He’s my husband.’ Through my memory, my love lives.”


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