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WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD FOR DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS. Benedict Cumberbatch’s new solo movie as the Master of the Mystic Arts has arrived. Here’s who showed up for a Marvel cameo and who kicked the bucket.

Defender Strange

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness opened with a bang, as America Chavez survived an attack from an interdimensional beasty, but unfortunately, Stephen’s variant with a ponytail did not.

Nevertheless, he made a comeback when possessed as a zombie corpse of sorts by the MCU’s Doctor Strange later on in the movie.

Kamar-Taj massacre

Scarlet Witch attacks the Nepal headquarters of the Master of the Mystic Arts to get to America Chavez, slaughtering multiple sorcerers.

Bruce Campbell cameo (Earth-838)

Director Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead lead has a cameo as a pizza ball vendor on Earth-838 and also features in the end credits scene.

Baron Mordo (Earth-838)

This friendly variant of the adversary from the first Doctor Strange movie drugs Stephen and America Chavez, before bringing them before the Illuminati, who are all slaughtered by Wanda dream walking in her Earth-838 variant’s body.

Captain Carter (Earth-838)

Having played her variant in What If…? Hayley Atwell returns to the MCU in live-action as the Peggy who became Captain Britain instead of Captain America. She’s sliced in half by Wanda with her own shield.

Black Bolt (Earth-838)

After the cancelled Inhumans TV show, Anson Mount reprises his mute character whose actual voice is so powerful it can obliterate adversaries. He’s killed by Wanda.

Thanos (Earth-838)

During a scene on Titan with the Illuminati, the Thanos of this universe was slaughtered during the Infinity War and his body with a giant blade in his chest is seen.

Sinister Strange (Earth-?)

Doctor Strange pushes his variant who has become corrupted by Darkhold out of the Sanctum Sanctorum window, where he was impaled on the ground below.


The mid-credits scene saw Charlize Theron cameo as a sorceress who in the comics becomes the lover of Doctor Strange. No doubt she’ll play a bigger part in Doctor Strange 3.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is out now in UK cinemas.

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