Published On: Thu, May 26th, 2022

Elvis’ family banned his girlfriend from Graceland after his death ‘She’s dead to us, too’ | Music | Entertainment

Ginger did not fit in comfortably with the close-knit group, who also believed she was trying to separate them from him. So they were already poised to turn on her when she and her family “took advantage of Elvis’ name” before and, even worse, after his death.

In the short months they were together, Elvis lavished gifts on Ginger, took her on holiday to Hawaii, gave her brother a job, paid her parents’ mortgage and started installing a swimming pool at their home.

However cynically Vester and others might view this, it was standard behaviour for the star who loved to give everyone gifts – especially the women he was dating or trying to date.

Unfortunately, Ginger’s mother Jo sued the star’s estate after his death, claiming he had promised to pay off the house and pool and had left them with debts they could not afford.

The situation hit rock bottom when Ginger signed on to make a scandalous film.

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