Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2022

Elvis Presley: The truth behind The King’s incredible suntan ‘He looked like a greek god!’ | Music | Entertainment

Priscilla Presley has said in the past how her ex-husband borrowed an appearance trick from Tony Curtis of a little bit of black eyeliner just above his eyes. It turns out The King “loved makeup” as it gave his look “a punch”. On top of this, Elvis Presley kept up an incredible suntan, which a close family member has spoken of in a recent Q&A session.

Danny Smith, the son of Elvis’ cousin Billy, was asked on his Memphis Mafia Kid YouTube channel about The King’s skin.

The question was: “How did Elvis get his suntan? Did he take something for it or get it natural?”

He replied: “Both. I know at one time he had and was taking some prescribed suntan pills…at the time he would go out and lay by the pool… for 10 or 15 minutes or so. He would tan a little bit on his arms and his chest and his face. So, to answer that I would have to say a little of both.”

Aside from his tan, Linda has confirmed the rumour that Elvis had webbed toes.

She told Reel Talker: “Linda shared: “He had twin toes, which meant that his second toe from the big toe and the third toe were conjoined up to what would be the knuckle. And I used to tease him a lot about having webbed toes! So he had twin toes. That’s something most people don’t know.”

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