Published On: Mon, May 23rd, 2022

Elvis private life: Ex Linda Thompson recalls The King’s webbed toes and bedroom secrets | Music | Entertainment

Following his separation from Priscilla, Elvis Presley began dating 22-year-old model Linda Thompson after meeting at a private movie screening on July 6, 1972. The couple were very close over their four-year relationship and The King’s ex has shared some facts about the star that some fans may have been unaware of.

Linda, who turns 72 today, said in an unearthed interview: “There’s a lot about Elvis that people don’t know. Most of it is very, very good. He was an incredible human being, very generous – generous to a fault.”

The Miss Tennessee model began by pointing out how Elvis was a twin. His identical brother Jesse Garon Presley was tragically stillborn 35 minutes before him on January 8, 1935.

Aside from this, The King’s ex confirmed the rumour that the music icon did indeed have webbed toes.

One time after posting a flashback post with snaps of The King, a fan asked Linda in the comments: “Did his room at Graceland really have no windows in it??”

She replied describing Elvis’ mysterious bedroom: “Our bedroom was black, red and gold… And no – the windows were never opened.”

Instead, The King liked his room, which had multiple TVs, to be very cold. This meant guests would sometimes have to wear racquetball jackets just to stay warm.

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