Published On: Thu, Jun 2nd, 2022

Energy bill discount won’t apply to some renters and Park Home tenants | Personal Finance | Finance

Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak last week announced that the energy bills rebate has been doubled from £200 and that Britons will no longer need to pay it back. Eight million households on means tested benefits will receive £650, which they also won’t have to pay back, as the government attempts to help cash-strapped Brits with the rising cost of living.

But it has emerged that some groups, including vulnerable members of society, won’t receive the £400 discount at all.

Renters who pay “all-in” also won’t qualify for the rebate, according to the government.

This is when the money that a tenant pays their landolrd eacg month covers bills as well as the cost of renting living space.

And, as Birmingham Live reports, “park home tenants” are also exempt.

These are people living on mobile homes or caravans on a permanent basis at protected sites, like Mayfield Park in West Drayton, west London.

In most cases, the owner of a park (mobile) home owns the actual residence, but not the ground on which it sits.

Full list of those exempt

  • “All-in” tenants – Those who don’t pay directly to their energy bills – Any charges should then be passed onto the tenant from the landlord, though, the government has warned this in its promotion of the new scheme.
  • Park Home tenants – These tenants pay a pitch fee to the site owner for the use of the site and it lets them use the facilities. The site manager could lower that monthly fee and pass the discount onto renters, according to the government.

Those already struggling to cover the cost of their energy bills, should contact their energy suppliers.

The rebate won’t be sent into bank accounts until October at the earliest.

Speaking in the House of Commons last week, Mr Sunak, 42, said: “I know people are struggling.

“We will provide significant support to the British people.

“To help with the cost of living we are going to provide significant, targeted support.”

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