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George Harrison ‘full of anger’ over being ‘pushed into the background’ of The Beatles | Music | Entertainment

The Beatles‘ final few years together were extremely strained. The band’s final album, Let It Be, was bogged down by arguments, disagreements, and public discourse. As revealed in Peter Jackson’s Disney Plus documentary, Get Back, George Harrison felt particularly slighted by his bandmates. One instance even saw him stand up and say: “I’m going to quit the band now.”

His ex-wife, Pattie Boyd, revealed how he felt particular disdain for Paul McCartney.

Boyd said Harrison saw McCartney “as difficult”. She went on: “They would tolerate each other, but I think George basically didn’t like Paul’s personality. I just think they really didn’t love each other.”

Things were made worse by the fact they had precious few days to write and record another chart-topping album directly after the stratospheric success of their 12th album, Abbey Road.

Harrison was, at the time, “terribly unhappy,” according to Boyd.

Boyd continued: “The Beatles made him unhappy, with the constant arguments. They were vicious to each other. That was really upsetting.”

She added that it was “even more so” upsetting because of Harrison’s new spiritual avenue of Hare Krishna.

The star’s ex-wife, who divorced Harrison in 1977, said that he was being sidelined by the rest of the band.

“Like a little brother, he was pushed into the background,” she said. “He would come home from recording and be full of anger. It was a very bad state that he was in.”

Eventually, Harrison had the last laugh.

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McCartney was quizzed over Harrison’s contribution to the band on The Howard Stern Show years later. During the interview, he confessed that Harrison gave a lot more than people thought in the band.

He said: “I think it was easy to underestimate George because me and John had always written most of the stuff and had had most of the singles.”

The Hey Jude singer added: “George was a late bloomer as far as writing was concerned. He wasn’t that interested in the beginning. But then he started to get interested and boy, did he bloom.”

McCartney noted how impressive some of Harrison’s songs were. The star not only penned My Sweet Lord, but also Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps and Here Comes the Sun.

McCartney added: “He wrote some of the greatest songs ever.”


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