Published On: Sun, May 8th, 2022

‘How am I meant to survive?’ Unpaid carers get £1.99 per hour compensation | Personal Finance | Finance

He concluded: “My wife was hit by the car in 2012, and dealing with the benefits system over the years has been so, so tiring. 

“I’m a reasonably healthy 30-something now, if I had to start this process today, knowing the path ahead I would give up. Hats off to everyone who has managed to fight for the pittance the DWP bestows.”

The We Care Campaign Twitter page similarly hit back at the Governments rates, tweeting: “As #carers we’re told we’re valued and recognised by government. Until it’s time to value us with a policy. Then it’s just empty words. A promised week of carer leave, unpaid mind, on the back burner. 

“Tell that to the 600 carers each day who have to give up their job to care.”

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