Published On: Mon, May 30th, 2022

June 2022 horoscope: Monthly horoscope reading for each sign – ‘June is full of promise’


“This should be such an easy month for you, you’ll feel like you’re on holiday, because everything will be in alignment with what you love,” the astrologer said. 

“Your ruling planet, romantic Venus, starts the month in Taurus, a fellow Venusian sign, until June 23. 

“Those weeks will be calm and happy, all about the home. The rest of the month, Venus is in Gemini, which happens to be an air sign, like you are – so you’ll feel intellectual, creative and capable.”


“June promises to be a stable month for you… but not necessarily an easy one,” Inbaal commented. 

“Traditionally, Scorpio was said to be ruled by Mars, planet of war, which will be in combative Aries all this month – so it’s a month that pulls up arguments from long ago, so that they can be settled. 

“But Scorpio’s modern ruling planet is Pluto, which will be in mature Capricorn all month… but retrograde. So Pluto isn’t helping matters, and means that the month is still argumentative, whichever planet we’re getting the information from.” 


“Once a year, we experience a full moon in your sign,” she added. “This is your moment to set your intentions for the rest of the year – manifest. 

“Write down everything you wish for, on the 14th when the moon is full, and leave the list on the windowsill under a clear crystal, and in the morning, put it in your pocket as a reminder to then go and achieve it all.”

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