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Jurassic World: Dominion first reactions are WILD as original Jurassic Park trio return | Films | Entertainment

Jurassic World: Dominion marks the sixth Jurassic Park movie in Universal’s dinosaur franchise and for the first time since Steven Spielberg’s 1993 first outing, the original three leads have returned together. Legacy sequels bringing back older cast members in sequels and reboots decades later is all the rage, but how did it go down? The first reactions are all over the place, so here are some highlights from the praising to the scorning.


GOOD NEWS: Jurassic World Dominion is my favourite film of the new Jurassic trilogy. It’s stuffed w/ thrilling dinosaur encounters & lots more Jeff Goldblum, but it’s also got a great balance of creepy & inventive scenarios w/ some choice nods to what came before. A solid finale

Jurassic World Dominion rocks an excellent mix of practical & digital effects. Dinos look GREAT. Dimetrodon scene is … right up my alley. Bryce Dallas Howard runs away with the movie — & new trilogy for that matter. Claire experiences one heck of an arc & Howard soars with it.

Jurassic World Dominion is at its best when the old and new cast are together. Fans of the franchise should enjoy this. Plenty of nods to the OG. I’d recommend giving that a close rewatch.

The Illuminedi
Jurassic World Dominion is massive amounts of fun that unifies #JurassicPark and #JurassicWorld into an epic legacy that has come full circle. This will likely be the favorite of the World trilogy and not just for the original cast.


Let’s be clear…it doesn’t matter what I say about Jurassic World Dominion it’s going to make so much money. It defies logic. It’s a movie where things just happen and people know things ‘because’ – smoke a joint, go drunk and have the time of your life. Nostalgia on overdrive.

Digital Spy
It delivers the spectacle you expect, but Jurassic World Dominion feels underwhelming for a finale as it treads familiar ground. Lovely to see the OG trio though and their strand is the strongest, even if it unwittingly highlights how bland the JW characters are by comparison.

Discussing Film
Jurassic World Dominion doesn’t really live up to its global premise. You’ve already seen this movie plenty of times before. But at least they used more animatronic dinos this time around! That’s one of the nicest things I can say.


Truly, Jurassic World Dominion is bad. So bad. It’s too long, it’s wildly repetitive & the dinosaurs are window dressing for multiple uninteresting, unrelated stories. The actors do their best but its all just overindulgent & pointless. One of, if not the, worst in the franchise.

Slash Film
My gut reaction after walking out of Jurassic World Dominion is that’s the worst movie in a franchise I adore. It’s too long, action sequences are downright ugly, and overall wayyyy too bloated. Then again, I smiled at nostalgia beats and baby dinos so like, that too?

We Live Entertainment
It brings me no joy to report that Jurassic World Dominion is a MASSIVE disappointment. While the film does feature some incredible dinosaur sequences and it is great to see the original cast back on the big screen, the film fails to deliver on what the previous films promise.

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The AV Club
Jurassic World Dominion = BAD. It ignores the premise it should’ve had from the start, instead synthetically engineering 2 entirely different, uninteresting & hollow stories that it struggles to connect. Some effects look polished, some ropey. Worst of the franchise.

The Playlist
Jurassic World Dominion is absolutely terrible. It’s like a bunch of hot shots brainstormed dino-centric theme park rides & put them into a movie. Bugs are more prominent than dinosaurs. A misfire on all fronts with bankrupt ethics. Save your hard-earned.

Jurassic World: Dominion hits cinemas on June 10, 2022.

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