Published On: Sun, Jun 5th, 2022

Meghan and Harry parenting: Sussexes want to raise their kids in a ‘normal way’

It has been reported in the past that Harry is one of the Queen’s favourite grandchildren and she is greatly looking forward to meeting his and Meghan’s son and daughter, Archie and Lilibet. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have kept their children’s lives relatively private, but what do we know about them as parents?

According to parenting expert Gifty Enright, “we are all fascinated by celebrity mums, and you could hardly get a bigger celebrity mum than the Duchess of Sussex”.

As Meghan made her return to the UK earlier this week, all eyes have been on her, her husband, and her children.

What kind of parent is she?

Gifty said: “There is a common misconception that something special happens for celebrity mothers raising their children.

“The fact is, Meghan like any mother of young children, has to grapple with the realities of teething, sleepless nights and all the many stresses of having small children.

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“No matter how much preparation we do, or how many books, articles and blogs we read when the baby arrives and let’s face it, every birth and baby is different, we are simply presented with a different set of challenges.

“Every mother since the stone age has had to learn on the job. That is exactly what Meghan will be doing.

“The only difference is that her reality is tempered by money which also sometimes believe it or not, can complicate matters. Research shows that the more choices one has, which is what money brings into the mix, the more difficult it is to make a decision.”

Since living in Santa Barbara, California, Meghan and Harry have made many friends, especially with their neighbours.

Archie and Lilibet also have friends in their Montecito neighbourhood, such as comedian James Corden’s children, according to reports.

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Gifty continued: “Most parents want their children to be sociable with other kids, and Harry and Meghan are no different, as we know from their play dates with James Corden’s kids.

“James, who is a good friend to the Sussexes is also a down to earth person even though he is a celebrity himself.

“This suggests that Meghan and Harry want their children to have a down to earth childhood experience.

“Aspiring to give their children a normal childhood, as noble as that may seem, might be downright impossible for the Sussexes, considering their wealth and celebrity status.

“Most parents who want their kids to be well adjusted will need to expose them to different kinds of social situations like with other kids and also being around grown-ups.

Gifty went on to unveil other aspects of the Sussexes’ parenting techniques, saying that “Harry is a fun dad”.

She noted: “We have seen clips of Harry on the beach in Montecito with Archie doing normal dad things which show his playful side, which we are all familiar with in his well-publicised antics as a child growing up.

“Harry also pointed out in an interview with James Corden that Archie’s first word was ‘crocodile’ and he was at pains to point out it was three syllables.

“We have also seen clips of Meghan reading to Archie. This shows that the pair are interested in the education and the intellectual development of their children.”

Gifty continued: “On the Oprah [Winfrey] interview, we saw them [the Sussexes] with their hens in the chicken coup.

“Harry also mentioned that the Queen sent them a waffle maker and that Meghan makes waffles from an organic mix.

“This shows that they are the sort of the parents who will be into healthy eating and make sure their children understand where their food comes from. Harry would have grown up around the organic food with his father’s Duchy’s Originals which is an organic natural food brand.”

The parenting expert added: “It is clear that both Meghan and Harry are determined to attempt to raise their children in the most normal way they can manage in the rarefied circles in which they live.”

However, Gifty stressed that “although the Sussexes will try and give their children as normal a childhood as possible, let’s face it, the most that they can hope for is a unique childhood because their circumstances are far from normal”.

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