Published On: Sun, May 22nd, 2022

Mum shares her struggle to keep the lights on: ‘Everything I have goes on my meter!’ | Personal Finance | Finance

“My younger two have to be with their dad and siblings because I can’t afford to have the heating or lights on at night.”

Currently, she spends her nights at home with the heating and lights off, using candles to save her pennies. 

She strives to try and provide as much as she can for her children, often going without meals herself if it means they get to eat. 

However, she still feels guilty about her situation, she explained: “I have had to give up so much, I have given up having my other children stay over at the weekends, I have had to give up family days out. 

“I can’t do nice things with them or give them what a mother should be, because all my time goes on calling ScottishPower and all my money goes on my meter.”

In May of last year, Ms Elson was offered a £40 top-up code to help her stay on top of her electricity needs, which she believed did not need to be paid back, this however was incorrect. 

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