Published On: Wed, Jun 1st, 2022

Neighbour nightmare: Woman forced to move due to loud and disruptive neighbours

The woman, who wished to remain anonymous, took to popular parenting site Mumsnet, to vent her frustration. She asked the forum: “Am I stupid to move over bad neighbours?”

“Me and my husband live in a little terraced house which we love,” the upset neighbour explained.

“It’s tiny but we’ve done a lot to it and it’s perfect for us (no kids) apart from a lack of storage, but we improvise.”

However, there is one thing that is preventing her from fully enjoying her home.

“The walls are very thin and on one side we have horrible neighbours who party at night and sit out drinking on their flat roof on sunny days, totally overlooking our backyard.”

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She explained that this means she does not only have to see them from her own home, but hear them “loudly talk sh*te and drink” too.

She added: “Nothing wrong with those things per se, just not what I want to deal with in my own home.”

The neighbours causing her distress are renting the property.

Having spoken to the landlord who told her there was “nothing they could do”, as well as the police and council, she feels there may only be one option.

She revealed that this may in fact be a long term problem, with the landlord’s son moving into the property in five years time when he starts to attend university.


“Even if these ones go then there will be students living there and I definitely can’t complain to their mother if she’s not interested now.”

Her and her husband have put their house up for sale but are unsure if they actually want to leave their “perfect” home.

Their new house, although close by, costs an extra £100,000, but would be slightly bigger than their current terraced property and with a lovely garden.

She explained her dilemma: “We have a ton of viewers coming to ours next week and the agent says it’ll sell fast and I feel really rushed in to things.

“I like the new house but don’t love it, but it’s a better street and presumably will have less sh*tehawkery from the neighbours.

Another commented: “I don’t think you are daft to move due to bad neighbours. It was a massive factor of my last move (noisy, rap karaoke parties, dropping bin bags off balcony to my garden below to be pulled apart by foxes, deliberately broke security gate so visitors didn’t need buzzed in etc).

“It sounds like you are buying more space, a garden and less shared walls in an area you know and like, that comes at a price but if you afford it then go for it!”

Mumsnet users seemed to be in agreement that bad neighbours can really impact your life, with one even stating “good neighbours are worth their weight in gold”.

A fellow user said: “My neighbours are lovely and they are on the move. I’m already fretting about who may move in.”

Referring to the student tenants moving in in five years, she also suggested that they are “likely to clash” with them too.

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