Published On: Sat, May 28th, 2022

Next James Bond frontrunner believes new 007 ‘must be true to Ian Fleming’s character’ | Films | Entertainment

We’ll soon be coming up on a year since Daniel Craig’s bowed out as James Bond so spectacularly in No Time To Die. Just who his replacement will be in the next reboot continues to be a hot topic, as does the matter of diversity. To date, six actors have officially played 007 himself and all of them have been white men.

There may be calls for a gender-swapped “Jane Bond” but producer Barbara Broccoli has asserted time and again, that the spy created by Ian Fleming – who would have been 114 today – will always be a man.

Nevertheless, the EON Productions boss is very open to male actors of any ethnic background. Interestingly one of the frontrunners who isn’t white believes that driving a casting decision based on diversity would be a bad call.

Instead, they think it should be all about the character as originally intended by the author back in the 1950s.

This is the view of Crazy Rich Asians and Snake Eyes star Henry Golding, whose current best odds are 22-1.

The 35-year-old Malaysian-Brit told the Radio Times last year: “[Diversity] shouldn’t be a factor at all. I think Bond represents something that we’ve all sort of grown up with and that’s a man of substance, a man who has stoic properties and is a protector, has a sensitive side. So really, the talk of having to have them be diverse is – it’s great and all, but I think you have to do justice to the source material. He’s such an iconic character, so I wouldn’t say that there should be any pressure.”

This year marks the 60th anniversary of the Bond film franchise, so it’s a perfect time to announce the new 007.

The secret auditions, if they haven’t happened already, last took place in 2005 and saw a screen test with scenes from Casino Royale and From Russia with Love.

The latter has been used for decades and sees Bond enter a room in a towel while holding a gun, as he approaches a woman in bed. Global James Bond is on October 5, so perhaps this is when the news could spring?


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