Published On: Wed, May 18th, 2022

Prince Harry has ‘thrived the most’ in US while Meghan is as ‘confident as ever’ – expert

Body language expert Judi James told “I would say there is no doubt Harry and Meghan have been happier since moving to the US. Although that might appear to be a given – owing to the birth of their children and their idyllic life away from all the pressures and problems they griped long and hard about during various interviews – there was always a risk that Harry, in particular, might have suddenly missed the family he was once so close to, or the royal privilege and public adoration he was used to seeing as his right.”

According to the expert, Prince Harry seems to have “thrived the most” following the Sussexes’ relocation to the US.

Ms James explained: “There can also be a problem when re-location and a new lifestyle fail to have the effect on a relationship that was hoped.

“With all the external stresses and anguish removed in one fell swoop, it can be possible for the negative emotions to turn inward and re-focus on the relationship itself, especially as this relationship, like every other one, would have been placed under an intense microscope thanks to the isolation of lockdown.

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