Published On: Sat, Jun 4th, 2022

Queen and Adam Lambert tour: Brian May shares slow-mo footage of ‘new toy’ in action WATCH | Music | Entertainment

The video shows Brian firing firework-like sparks from his guitar like a cannon, inspired by the 1986 A King of Magic music video.

In a previous post, he explained: “Ha ! This makes me smile ! I resisted posting something this for the last couple of days because of not wanting to be a spoiler … but since the secret is now well out, here’s my new toy in action. I love it ! When we made the “A Kind of Magic” video in 1986 I asked the animators if they could – on screen – make magic sparkles come out of my guitar. They said yes, and we shot it that way so the animations could be added afterwards. Ever since then – how many years is that ? – I had a secret dream that we could actually make it happen in a live show. Well, now our amazing production team gave me a splendid device to make that wish come true. So it now gives me a great feeling of satisfaction to reach that point in that song, and walk out there with the device in my hands, and see (and hear) the happiness it generates in our beloved audience !!! I think it actually makes me play better too – ha ha ! Right ! I’ll be looking out for the best captures of this ‘gag’ over the next few weeks !!! Tag me, folks !!! Thanks @sunshineglambert for this one. Bri.”

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