Published On: Sat, May 21st, 2022

Russell Grant’s horoscopes and star sign forecast for Sunday, May 22


You will be able to spot trouble brewing before others do and either you will nip it in the bud or you will have a contingency plan ready to fall back on. Group and social plans will need to be put on the back burner when other important concerns that crop up need to be made a priority


You are about to undergo a few changes and you will want to begin a new phase with a clean slate. Setting your financial affairs in order will not be as complicated as it sounds. You have been planning to sort out money and other practical matters for some time. Expect to breathe a sigh of relief once it is all over with.


A housemate will make a surprise disclosure. You need time to think about what you have just heard as you aren’t certain at all how you really feel about this. In the workplace new methods are being introduced to replace the old and here you will embrace this opportunity to update an old-fashioned system.


A well-deserved award or promotion will encourage you to value yourself more. At last you feel you are making important headway. New routines will take some getting used to but you are patient and you know you will adapt, eventually. Important gains are likely now.


A shopping trip will be enjoyable but don’t let it hurt your finances. Keep your mind on the things you need. Hesitate before buying anything more. Can you afford the little luxuries you keep craving or would it not be better to splash out on these another time?


A relative will offer to ease some of your load. You’re inclined to refuse their offer as you don’t want to admit you could do with some help. It isn’t a sign of weakness that you are in need of some rest and relaxation. Have you been yearning for a holiday? This would be a good time to book one.


Social plans will be spontaneous and some more expensive than you expected. Don’t feel you have no option but to get on with things without putting forward some of your own suggestions. There is time to reconsider and opt for cheaper pastimes. You will have some good ideas.


You’ve always been intuitive and even though someone will say you have got it wrong, you can sense what they are thinking and what they need to feel less anxious. A friend will say one thing but you just know they mean something totally different. There is a way you can help them discreetly.


You might notice a distinct change in attitude in someone you have struggled to get on with in the past. Either they have grown up since you last met or they have learned respect and tolerance after going through some very difficult experiences. Working in harmony with others will not be as difficult as you expected.


Past hard working efforts are starting to pay off when those in positions of power are starting to realise and appreciate the extent of your abilities. You have every reason to feel proud of your accomplishments. A private or business-related legal matter is coming to a conclusion.


A fund raising scheme is progressing well. You know you can count on the active support of people who share your interests and concerns. You’re in a position to extend hospitality to a neighbour or older relative who is clearly feeling lonely. You won’t hesitate to invite them into your home.


A client or colleague will be hard to deal with yet they are one of the most interesting of people you’ve come across in a long time. You’re prepared to have to change your own plans in order to have more time listening to their experiences.

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