Published On: Thu, Jan 11th, 2018

Star Wars 9: Major Episode IX news CONFIRMED and will definitely please fans

Star Wars fans haven’t been so easy to please recently.

The Last Jedi is still powering ahead at the global bo office (China excepted) but the hardcore fan reaction must have shocked Disney and Lucasfilm bosses.

With JJ Abrams back at the helm for the final movie in the triple trilogy, there should be less controversy ahead.

And the first piece of strong news about how the film will shape up has just been revealed…

Star Wars Youtube channel Mike Zeroh revealed the latest information on the 2019 release.

He said: “We have exciting news today. John Williams is now confirmed to be on board for Episode 9. We heard he will be part of Solo A Star Wars Story, doing the main theme. When it comes to Episode 9 he will be doing the entire score for the final film in the sequel trilogy.

“Whether or not this will be his final film in the Star Wars franchise is a big question.”

This is a pertinent question considering the spectacular array of movie expected AFTER Episode IX hits cinemas.

Disney has already revealed that Ryan Johnson will be working on a spin-off trilogy, as well as the various rumoured prequel standalones, or Star Wars Anthology movies.

But when are they all coming?

Zeroh adds: “We are getting an Anthology film in the Star Wars universe every single year after Episode 9.”

This is most likely to kick off with the hugely anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi movie.

As for the Ryan Johnson projects, Zeroh admits: “It is very early days and we don’t know when the trilogy will be released. It is most like to be the mid 2020’s if I had to make a hard guess.”

Until then, fans can look forward to the upcoming Solo: A Star Wars Story, with the latest rumours promising that the first trailer will finally arrive later this week.

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