Published On: Sun, Jun 5th, 2022

State pension age changes could impact when you get free bus pass | Personal Finance | Finance

Many Britons across the country could potentially miss out on a free bus pass for years due to eligibility rules. A free bus pass will be an important entitlement for older people as it allows freedom of travel without cost.

It can help many to remain independent, or simply to carry out daily tasks and appointments with relative ease.

However, those who are living in England may have to adjust to receiving their free bus pass later than they perhaps expected.

Currently, in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, people can expect to receive a free bus pass at the age of 60.

Devolved governments have control over their own travel policy, hence the difference here.

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This allows them to travel for free on buses, trams, tubes and other forms of public transport. 

However, this is only applicable for travel within the city.

Individuals can check their eligibility for a free bus pass via the Government’s website.

All they will need to do is enter their postcode to be redirected to the website of their local council, where more information can be gained.

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