Published On: Thu, Apr 14th, 2022

These ‘money-saving moves’ will end up costing you more | Personal Finance | Finance

Hand-washing instead of using the dishwasher uses nine times as much water and extra energy.

Three-quarters of us have altered habits, but not always for the best, according to research by Smart Energy GB.

One in five have kept the heating on a permanent low setting, which is likely to cause more energy loss, instead of simply turning it off. Meanwhile, a fifth put electronic devices in sleep mode overnight. But switching them off saves more energy.

And you’ll save more power by only filling the kettle with the amount of water needed. Almost half of households now have a smart meter to monitor power use.

Energy saving expert and BBC Countryfile presenter Helen Skelton said: “Being mindful of how long devices are on for can go some way to helping us feel more equipped and in control of household budgets.”

About 3.9 million people have sought debt advice for the first time as the cost of living soars. Seven per cent have turned to bank loans.

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