Published On: Thu, Apr 14th, 2022

‘They’re like animals’: Bridgerton Season 2 love triangle is very different in the book | Books | Entertainment

ANTHONY AND EDWINA: In the show, Edwina is swept along by feelings for Anthony far more strongly than in the books, where she is simply entertained by the courtship. 

In the books, Anthony does not propose to Edwina, so they do not get engaged.

Instead, when Edwina realises how powerful the connection is between Anthony and Kate, she sacrifices her own social prospects and tells her sister to embrace her own feelings.

In the books, Edwina has a whole other love story with Mr Bagwell who she meets at the Bridgertons’ country house party at Aubrey Hall. He is a far less impressive catch, being only a second son (who will not, therefore, inherit his father’s estate) and a scholar, focussed on Archaeology.

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