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Earlier this week Marvel surprised fans with the first trailer of the upcoming Avengers movie, Thor: Love and Thunder. This is the fourth film in Thor’s solo series (after Thor: The Dark World and Thor: Ragnarok), and there is a lot of pressure behind it.

Not only is this the first film starring a major original Avenger since Avengers Endgame, but it also could be setting up the death of the final original superhero.

The Thor: Love and Thunder trailer showed off a number of mysterious moments from the upcoming movie. But one scene at the beginning of the trailer showed Thor sitting beneath a large tree on a mountainside.

One quick-witted fan wrote on Twitter that this moment is a dark omen for Thor Odinson.

The Marvel fan said: “if thor is in valhalla here [crying face emoji]” (sic) alongside screenshots of Thor underneath the tree.

Fans of Thor or Norse mythology will know that Valhalla is the Vikings’ version of heaven.

The moment in question shows Thor seemingly meditating underneath the tree, which could also be Yggdrasil, the Viking tree of life.

Could Thor have finally found peace after being killed?

Thor’s death would not be a massive surprise to the Marvel fandom, considering he is one of the few original Avengers left.

Captain America traded in his superhero life for love with Peggy Carter. Before that, Iron Man died saving the entire universe in Endgame, along with Black Widow. Meanwhile, Hawkeye seems to have retired, and Hulk / Bruce Banner was injured.

With Thor as the last man (god) standing, he is at great risk of being killed off. And a lot of signs in the Thor: Love and Thunder trailer point to his death.

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Thor: Love and Thunder finished off its trailer by showing off Jane Foster’s triumphant return.

Jane, now adorned in armour, a red cape and a winged helmet, caught Mjolnir – Thor’s magical hammer – showing off her new powers. With this, it seems as if Jane has taken on the mantle of The Mighty Thor (sometimes referred to as Female Thor) from the Marvel comic books.

In the source material, Jane became Thor after being diagnosed with cancer.

Considering in Thor’s three solo films he has lost and found himself multiple times over, Jane’s arrival could be a much more personable story for Marvel fans.

Jane replacing Thor would also line up with the rest of the Avengers being replaced by newer versions of themselves.

The title of Captain America has recently been taken on by Sam Wilson (Falcon); Hawkeye took on a new protege in Kate Bishop; Yelena Bulova will likely become the next Black Widow; She-Hulk is just around the corner, and RiRi Williams – otherwise known as Ironheart – will become the new Iron Man.

The Mighty Thor could very well be the next version of the God of Thunder for the MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder hits cinemas on July 8.

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