Published On: Wed, May 25th, 2022

Travis celebrates third studio album ‘The Invisible Band’ with heartfelt performance | Music | Entertainment

Travis start the twenty five year celebration of their phenomenal album in style with a rousing version of Sing, a powerful wave of sentimental warmth embracing everybody in the room.

Recently celebrating its fiftieth birthday, the Roundhouse venue, despite its vastness, has a charming intimacy, which is strengthened by the sense that fans know all the lyrics to their defining songs featuring on the show’s set list. 

Sing along fan favourite Flowers In The Window has the crowd chanting back every word, as does the anthemic Driftwood with its wistful chorus elevating the mood even higher tonight, carried brilliantly by its soaring main riff which flows seamlessly into a gentle close.

The beautiful album artwork depicting a tree adds to the ethereal atmosphere in this beautiful building, the changing colours of the background image reflecting the theme of growth that is conveyed in the poetic lyrics.

The simple beauty of their catalogue of acoustic ballads is showcased to an adoring audience.

Quite the storyteller, frontman Fran is animated throughout, his exchanges with the audience engaging the crowd as he describes how the creative process can be a mystery, and how song inspiration is a kind of elusive concept.

A real sense of excitement builds in the encore as their trademark hit Why Does It Always Rain On Me? provides a beautiful climax to a truly heartfelt performance at the Roundhouse.

This is a triumphant end to a stunning celebration show tonight.

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