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Winds of Winter release: George RR Martin has ‘too much to do’ as makes ‘editors complain’ | Books | Entertainment

Game of Thrones may have finished three years ago, but George RR Martin is still hard at work on his penultimate book in A Song of Ice and Fire, The Winds of Winter. With 11 years having passed since the last novel, A Dance with Dragons, was published, fans are understandably starting to lose patience with the author. In his latest blog update, the 73-year-old admitted: “Too much to do, too much to do.”

Having recently announced the upcoming The Rise of the Dragon illustrated history of House Targaryen for release this year, Martin said he wanted to make a few clarifications before addressing further works and The Winds of Winter.

The Fantasy author said: “I just want to clear up a possible areas of confusion. In my blog post of 3/9 (scroll further down), I made mention of ‘a lavish coffee table book coming later this year, an illustrated, condensed version of FIRE & BLOOD done with Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson (my partners on THE WORLD OF ICE AND FIRE).’ Yes, I was speaking of THE RISE OF THE DRAGON. The same book. There has been some mention of RISE being an encyclopaedia, but I do not think that is accurate… not unless the definition of encyclopaedia has broadened considerably. It’s a history… covering the same years and events as FIRE & BLOOD… but not written in world by Archmaester Gyldayn, and much condensed from Gyldayn’s original text. My friends Elio Garcia and Linda Antonsson of WORLD OF ICE & FIRE fame handled the abridgement.”

Martin added: “We needed a shorter book to make room for all the art. That’s the big thing about THE RISE OF THE DRAGON: it’s not an encyclopaedia, it’s an art book. And a gorgeous one, I think. RISE will include 180 brand new illustrations from some of the finest fantasy artists in the world. Some of them will be full page. Many will be in gorgeous living (and dying) colours. Dragons, knights, battles, lords and ladies, castles… all the good stuff. So if you’re a fan of fantasy art, you may want to pre-order your copy now.”

The Game of Thrones creator then addressed the upcoming Who’s Who of Westeros he’s working on and how his editors are getting frustrated with him.

Martin shared: “The other book mentioned in that post of 3/9, the Who’s Who of Westeros, is coming as well, but not this fall. That one is a way off. Might be a year or two. Lot of work to be done. (As my editors complain, it is hard to do a who’s who when I keep inventing characters).”

The 74-year-old also said a new version of Fire and Blood is on the way too, to coincide with this year’s Game of Thrones spin-off.

He wrote: “There will be a second book coming out this year, to tie in with the debut of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON. But it won’t be a new book, just an old one with a new cover. That’s FIRE & BLOOD, of course, the original (unabridged) version by Archmaester Gyldayn, with new cover art from the HBO series. When I have seen the new cover, I will be sure to post it here.”

After all this, the author then finally addressed The Winds of Winter, saying he knows fans are desperate for it.

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Martin said: “Many of you reading this are fantasy fans, I know. Waiting for WINDS OF WINTER, I know, I know…”

The author then pointed out how he’s looking forward to both House Of The Dragon and Amazon Prime’s The Lord of The Rings: The Rings of Power series.

He signed off: “There’s more, but I have other stuff to do, so I will sign off for now.   The horns are blowing, the frogs are hopping.”


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